Our Services

Offshore Investing

If you want to protect your money from market fluctuations while staying tax-effective sounds good to you, it doesn’t get much better than our offshore investing services.
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Education Planning

The future your children will have depends greatly on their access to education. Allow your children the best start in life with guidance from our advisors.
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Retirement Planning

Plan your retirement as early and effectively as possible to make your well-earned later days more comfortable.
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Estate Management

Dividing your estate among the people, organizations, and trusts that you care for, ensures that part of your legacy was providing for them.
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Investment Portfolios

The advisors at Robbinsdale Group work with you to diversify your portfolio and place your hard-earned investments where they thrive safely.
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Company Solutions

Optimizing your business's processes, systems, and staffing to free up your time to manage it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I work with a wealth management advisor?
    An experienced wealth management advisor provides peace of mind when it comes to your finances, making difficult decisions easier. They get to know you, develop a deep understanding of your current circumstances and future wants and needs, then help you clearly define your financial goals. They use their expertise to create a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses your goals, with strategies that help you achieve them.
  • Is it easy to access my money if I need it?
    Yes, you can request access to your money at any point, and upon receiving your request your adviser will discuss the most tax-efficient way to withdraw your funds.
  • What is meant by ‘Independent’?
    An Independent Financial Planner is a term used to describe a Financial Planner working independently for their clients rather than representing a single insurer or product provider. This means that as an Independent Financial Planner we will consider a full range of products from the whole market with no bias.
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    No, any agreement can be canceled with immediate effect on receipt of your written instruction.
  • Who is your typical client?
    Robbinsdale Group mainly provides financial services to individuals, high-net-worth individuals, corporate pension and profit-sharing plans, charitable institutions, foundations, and other entities.